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6 Reasons which can let you Rethink on Your Packaging - Corrugated Boxes

The best packaging boxes to consider - Why corrugated boxes are taking over in companies and business 

Do you want to save some hard-earned income and save the environment at the same time?

Does your packaging keep up with the quality of your products?

Do you think all boxes are the same and it doesn't affect customer satisfaction?

Keep reading to find out how you can improve the quality of your packaging, save capital, and save the environment at the same time.

If you think cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes are more or less the same, then you would be wrong.

A cereal box is an example of a cardboard box. Let’s consider the case of Corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which consists of 2 or more layers of cardboard with air as a cushion in between them. The liner, which is a straight piece of cardboard, is found on the external surface of the box and the medium, which is arch-shaped, is found between the liners. The medium constitutes the strength of the box. These boxes are much better than regular cartons in many ways. This is a game-changer for businesses and consumers alike. Read on to explore how they are superior and preferable over normal packaging.

1. Sustainable and environment friendly

You might wonder how a cardboard box is better than another cardboard box. However, Corrugated packaging is eco-friendly, as a well-corrugated packaging employs air cushions between the two or more layers of the card

board. In effect, the amount of solid waste is low as compared to a regular cardboard carton of the same size and hence the usage of raw materials is much lower as well.

Corrugated packaging can, therefore, be effectively reused. Since the packaging is rigid and strong, the cartons take considerably less damage relative to traditional cardboard cartons and are therefore less prone to wear and tear which makes resealing of the cardboard a lot easier.  By eliminating the expenses associated with sealing and reducing the damage on the box, corrugated packaging preserves its integrity and can be reused suitably.

With the rise of a global pandemic, there is an 80% rise in E-commerce sales. And we have started to realize that the piles of empty cartons lying around are not biodegradable.

You can utilize this opportunity whether you are a seller or a buyer. You can advertise recyclable packaging and make sure that your sales soar or you can purchase commodities at a competitive marginal rate as well as save the environment.

2. Cost-efficient

To handle production costs, the packaging is an area you can easily cut down costs.

Corrugated packaging is approximately 40% lower price than traditional cardboard cartons. If you order something off popular online delivery services, chances are you receive them in regular cardboard boxes. Or if you're a seller then you might only be familiar with this type of packaging. Cardboard consists of thick paper stock or heavy paper pulp, which is most commonly used to make Gift boxes.

Corrugated cartons make use of lighter materials which results in less weight and more flexibility with the same amount of strength and rigidity, allowing shipping cost to be low and affordable.

A convenient way to reduce the cost of corrugated packaging for non-fragile goods is by making the boxes side-loaded and not open from the top. This will reduce the amount of material in the packaging. And less material results in less money spent. However, care should be taken that this method can reduce strength, and therefore it is to be used only for less fragile goods.

3. Lightweight and portable

Light packaging is more alluring than heavy ones. You will most likely go for something which weighs lighter and is easy to transport.

Corrugated packaging is available in different strength levels according to the requirements; whether it is for Point to Point delivery of up to 250 km, Regional delivery of up to 800 km, National delivery of 2000 km or more including multiple stages of loading and unloading through different hubs, or even Exporting which requires high stacking pressure handling with 7-9-11 ply corrugated depending on the product for inner and outer packaging.

When both low cost and lightweight packaging is available in one, why opt for anything else?

4. Strong and durable

Several layers of materials are employed in making corrugated packaging and hence the resulting durability. It is strong and can handle friction, wear and tear, shocks, moisture, and sudden temperature changes.

Due to their rippled structure caused by the repetitive folds on the surface, better durability and enhanced strength are key qualities they possess. It is impact resistant and thus protects the product from any external trauma. This paves the way for better strength across smaller surface areas as well. The rippled structure doesn't allow water or debris to stay on the surface for long, and hence no money is spent on maintenance.

You might have noticed glassware and cutlery are usually packaged in corrugated cartons with proper reinforcements. It is less prone to damage since it has larger compression strength compared to other alternatives. It can easily handle pressure due to stacking and hence is an easy choice when it comes to transporting goods in bulk.

5. Custom packaging

The versatility of packaging appeals to people. Different sizes and shapes of packets can be eye-catching and marketable.

Research suggests that people form first impressions at an incredibly fast rate often within 100 milliseconds. Regular slotted boxes, half slotted boxes, one-piece folding boxes, overlapped boxes, die-cut boxes, five-panel boxes, point of purchase displays, rectangular vertical boxes, double cover boxes, and so on are few of the ways boxes can be customized. Combining this with flexibility and rigidity provided by corrugated boxes, it becomes the apt choice for packaging.

Target marketing, which is targeting a specific group of audience for increased sales is a really good method for soaring sales, and utilizing corrugated packaging provides the best outcome.

Though companies want to sell their products to the maximum number of customers, defining an audience grants a clear focus for the marketing of the product and its packaging design.

packaging comes with dimensional weight pricing. It is packaging that’s closer to the exact size necessary for safe delivery as opposed to much larger boxes that were used previously, which has had a lot of wastage of space.

Corrugated packaging allows flexibility to work with different sizes, shapes, and designs of packets and that's a major factor contributing to increasing sales.

6. Better printing

Products are naturally more profitable if they are visually appealing. The only way of connecting with the customers in online shopping and prompting them to come back for more is through the packaging.

Thanks to the trend of “unboxing” videos, a genre of online videos in which users record themselves unboxing an item they’ve received, the packaging is exposed to many people worldwide. Since 2010, the number of YouTube videos with “unboxing” in their title has grown by 27%.

Printing on boxes is an indirect form of marketing. It allows a better representation of your brand. Eye-catching printing can have a huge impact. It allows a connection with the consumer and better sales. For example, Paper Boat, a company that offers branded traditional drinks in India has had huge success. In addition to targeting nostalgia, they also focused on their packaging and made it visually appealing and unique.

Corrugated packaging allows for better graphic and printing capabilities. You can utilize this to make it more attractive with minimalist logos, contact information, and stories.

Considering all these facts, it is clear that corrugated packaging is one step ahead of the game. Whatever your objective for a packaging system may be, whether it be the strength, lower weight, efficiency, rigidity, sustainability, or most importantly - affordability, corrugated cardboard are your one-stop solution. With so many benefits, it is the preference of buyers and sellers alike.

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